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    Smaug is the main antagonist in The Hobbit. He is the epitome of greed and evil. He, like Gollum, is isolated inside of a mountain, and both were corrupted by greed. His only goal is to guard and protect his vast store of treasure in the lonely mountain. Although he has gold and precious gemstones, he has no use for them except to hoard. Smaug almost never leaves his chamber, except when the Men of the Lake stole the Arkenstone from him. As a result, he furiously ravaged the entire city of Esgaroth. This showed his impulsiveness and lust for treasure, along with showing no remorse for those he has destroyed. 
    Smaug is irrational and very greedy with a deep lust for power. He seemed indestructible until Bard was able to shoot an arrow through him. All of his treasure was then made pointless and the men, dwarves, and Goblins descended upon it to split it up amongst themselves. Smaug is a good reminder of what greed and lust for power can do to anyone.

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  1. The hobbit trilogy is one of my favourite series in the fantasy genre. Although it is a fantasy work of fiction, but many of the character traits are so relatable.